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Uhm so long time...

Gabe and I are getting married! Yay!

But thinking about all of the planning just makes my head spin. It's overwhelming and I'm not sure I'm up for it...

Goals for Now.

1.) Start walking 5-6 days a week. I'm really starting to get fat, and it's becoming a problem for me. So I'd like to be bikini ready come this summer. And I really really mean it this time, it's got to stop.

2.) Find a good steady job, the crappy seasonal jobs aren't cutting it, I need something reliable.

3.) Keep the house clean. Daily.

That's it for now...
im glad i live in the northeast. thats about it. remind me of that in march when im whining about the snow and the cold.

Maybe overdue, who knows?

Ok so we moved two weeks ago (well 2 weeks tomorrow)Today I have to go register for classes and (ugh) buy books. Gabe has orientation and whatnot tomorrow morning and I am off to the NY State Fair with my aunt for the day. Yay! New apt. is much bigger than the last one, and would be nice except for the amount of traffic that we get, our house sits on the corner of a rural rode and route 281-so we get lots of big trucks that go buy. AND the fire house is across the street- and its a volunteer dept. so every time there is a fire this god awfully loud alarm goes off and doesnt stop until they show up to turn it off. I brought Reggie down last Sunday so he no longer has to live with mom, yay! We're looking into getting him a friend so he wont be alone while were at school/work, etc since hes used to other animals now. Otherwise life is the same old same old.
3 weeks until we move... and i have not started to pack because if i start now it'll be packed by this time next week. so we're stuck in this limbo- we're back from vacation and its too soon to pack.. so its a dull waiting game. i cant wait to be done at applebees here, the bs is just getting to me. the new hostesses suck, the managers suck and im sick of it. itll be good to start someplace new, even if it is the same crappy restaurant. and school starts the 25th.

pics of vermont are up if you care. its nice up there. we climbed a mountain, went canoeing, went swimming, got drunk, etc.

anyway nothing else is new. same old same old.

so the end of the semester....

I don't have any offical grades yet but you always know how you did right?

Spanish II- The final- was a JOKE. I'm glad I didn't waste my time studying, it was 35 questions fill in the blank (with the vocab words there) and matching. It was pathetic and took me 15 minutes. So I should still have an A in that class.

US Since 1945- Hardest final I've ever taken in my life. I finished an 8 page paper on Nixon at 9am yesterday morning and then after the Spanish final crammed like I've never crammed before. And I think I did alright. B+/A- somewhere in there. Hopefully an A cause I've had an A all semester and I'd hate to lose it now.

Intro to Lit- I got a 90 on the final (ugh) and she said I should have a B+/A depending, she hadn't done the grades out yet. Whatever, I had a B at midterm so it wouldn't be awful for a final.

Concepts of Wellness- She never grades anything so I really have no idea. I showed up and handed in everything so I'm going to say A based on that alone.

Health- I got an A, she told me Wednesday after she graded my final. This class was also a joke.

US II- I was excused from the final and had a 98 test average prior. So I definately got an A.

Graduation is today at 2 and then we have dinner reservations at 5. I'm not looking foreward to it anymore. Anyway I need to wake Gabe up and take a shower.
im done. fucking done. and i cant wait to get the hell out of this town.